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Dog Who Was Abandoned in Plastic Container on the Highway Got a Forever Home Just in Time for the Holidays!

Taylor Swift’s backstage demands are straight-up adorable. If she’s arriving before 11 a.m., Taylor requests two Starbucks beverages– one grande iced Americano and one grande iced caramel latte (both with Sweet’n Low).

Joanie Smith, owner of East Bay Nature store in Walnut Creek and Dublin, tells me the best way to get rid of live crows is with a dead crow. Joanie carries fake crows in her shop, and her customers swear by them.

Canola should be left standing until 30 to 60 per cent seed colour change, and not swathed immediately after the frost to reduce locking in green seed. Pods can become brittle if frost damaged, which increases the chances of shatter, so swathing should be timed carefully when pods are still wet with dew or rain and more pliable.

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Some longtime acquaintances were wondering how hard off the Mullers really were, speculating that this could be a get-rich-quick scheme that benefits only a few, something they’ve seen in neighboring Silicon Valley for years.

Zimbio reports that the star fines the venue $5,000 if her dressing room gets an incoming call. Then there’s all the junk food she requests, like Doritos, Pop Tarts and KFC.

“I call it a yarden. It’s a garden that grows into a yard,” Baldwin said. “It’s that much less to mow.”

Easy does it for Drake. Not many people know that Drake is part Jewish. Following what we imagine is Kosher religious practice, Drake doesn’t eat pork. Reasonable enough. Hip Hop Lately got hold of Drake’s rider demands. Honestly, they seem like humble requests compared to some of the divas on this list.

Reasonable price for Health Snack Food Pumpkin Seed -<br />
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The annual sunflower, a member of a genus of about 50 species from the Americas, was domesticated in North America about 5,000 years ago. Native North American uses of sunflower ranged from food and medicine, through a fibre and dye plant to a source of musical instruments and bird snares.

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Is unassuming fine dining a thing? If not, Brandon Gauthier may have created it. His new restaurant, Confluence, surprises in all sorts of good ways.

For an easy quick-pickle rind, check out the recipe that follows. Courtesy of Brine Street Picklery, the recipe calls for a mixture of vinegar, sugar and spices that’s used to soak and soften the rind. What results is a slightly tangy and sweet pickle that resembles the flavor of a classic bread-and-butter-style pickle, with small hints of clove and ginger.

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