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Giant-pumpkin farmers, though, are known for being secretive and wily, and many residents don’t trust the Mullers’ motives despite their increasingly desperate pleas.

Fresh chestnuts are available in shops and at markets from the end of September until the end of January. If you’re buying them fresh, look for ones with shiny dark brown skins that feel heavy and don’t have any cracks in its skin already, as this may lead to mouldy nuts inside. 

The industry is also targeting aquaculture, according to Hake, because cottonseeds can be fed to carnivorous fish like salmon and trout that eat ground-up fish. Cotton would be a low-cost alternative that can replace up to half of all fishmeal. It’ll also help farmers, who will be able to sell the seeds, currently considered a near useless byproduct.

These 4-Ingredient No-Bake Banana Bread Bars by Michele Elizabeth are a no-hassle, quick, healthy snack. They are packed with fiber from the oats, flavor from the cinnamon and bananas, and a sticky, rich, goodness from the dates. These bars are so good that you’ll be hard-pressed to share.

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 Roasted Snow White Pumpkin Seeds - GXY FOOD

Moko and Omar are among Paris’ growing community of international chefs laying claim to the City of Light. Moko, 46, who was born in Japan and raised in the United States, was a labor negotiator before getting into the restaurant business 10 years ago. And Lebanon-born, France-raised Omar, 44, was a liaison for the Yankees who claims that, up until the year 2000, he “couldn’t even cook an egg.”

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My daughter-in-law is allergic to dairy things AND nuts. Can you recommend dairy free products (refrigerated or frozen things) she can have. I check vegan recipes for her , although she isn’t vegan or a vegetarian, but so many things use nuts.

Venison au poivre ($39) — juicy medallions in a bold jus paired with roasted delicata squash, broccolini, onions and blackberries — is a straight puncher that wins on points.

Hot New Products Super Size Sunflower Seeds -<br />
 Roasted Snow White Pumpkin Seeds - GXY FOOD

Lauri Bruno, owner of Kids Nutrition Kitchen in Cranberry, has created a four-session “Pumpkin Palooza” class as part of her mission to teach kids about cooking with simple, healthy ingredients. Participants learn how to make a pumpkin pizza sauce, pumpkin smoothies and Pumpkin Mac and Cheese.

It has now been discovered that the pumpkin seeds, which were usually thrown away, are in fact, loaded with more nutrients than the fruit itself. Pumpkin seeds in packets are readily available in the super markets.

In terms of regional market segment, it will be divided into seven different regions of the world. These are North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific region, Japan, Middle East and Africa. In terms of production of organic oilseeds, United States and Brazil acquires majority of proportion in terms of production. On the other side countries such as Japan, China, Russia and countries of European Union are some of the major importers of organic oilseeds.

This is the plant the final week of June. Here’s the earliest baby picture I have of the 1368.5 lb pumpkin. Hard to believe this fruit (the size of a pea) at the base of a flower would grow to the 4th heaviest on record in southern Maine. Our pumpkin was born on July 3rd.

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