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As per some recently revealed figures, the number of road accidents has gone up to 1885 from last year’s 1855. While the number of deaths too, has surged to 584 from 551, the number of those injured in the accidents has gone down to 1850 from that of 2025 during last year*.

In a city that calls itself the World Pumpkin Capital, losing the Mullers’ pumpkins could be a devastating turn of events. Their iconic roadside plot draws wealthy visitors from San Francisco and Silicon Valley for more than a month each autumn.

For India the estimate for the 2017-18 cotton crop is 6.3 billion kg of cotton fiber. If that was grown with this new cotton, that would come with an additional 10 billion kg of edible cottonseed packed with 2.2 billion kg of protein. In none of the news reports that I’ve read has anyone really pointed out how revolutionary it could be for Indian farmers if they could produce the equivalent of a harvest of cotton and sunflower seeds simultaneously in the same field, at the same time, with the same resources. It’s a big deal.

To me, determining the best dish I’ve eaten has nothing to do with the caliber of the chef or the number of stars above their title. I crave nostalgia when it comes to food and sometimes it is the most obscurely simple dishes that have me feeling inspired for weeks. This year, my mind-blowing / can’t stop thinking about / can’t stop eating/give me MORE dish was an umami bomb in the form of a broth & rice noodle bowl on the streets of Hue, Vietnam. I was in search of the coveted jade bracelets when I was distracted and intrigued by a group of locals sitting on little plastic chairs around this woman, who was basting chicken fat with a rich, dark broth. Watching her was like watching an orchestra — she worked her hands like a musician and knew, with perfect rhythm, when to baste the broth, pull the noodles, pick the herbs. I was mesmerized.

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This article is from the December 2018 Grand Rapids Magazine. Available on newsstands now or via subscription.

Eventually, after several years of trying new growing techniques and failing to come out ahead with winter wheat, the farmers and Schumitsch decided to focus solely on oats.

A sky view of Schumitsch Seed Inc. shows bucket elevators and bins. (Photo: Courtesy of Travis Dewitz)

Seeds that are dry and mature can be frozen with little or no effect on seed quality or viability. Seeds having moisture content of 20 per cent or more though, will suffer from frost injury with yield and quality losses. A frost of -3°C will kill immature seeds containing 50 to 60 per cent moisture. Seed drier than 20 per cent is more at risk of increased green seed content than yield loss and dead seed. After a frost has occurred and canola is standing or in the swath, the damage will become obvious as you approach 72 hours after the event.

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The fats in avocados are essential fats, which humans need to consume because the body cannot produce them.

While the cabbage cooks, cut the leek in half (save half for use in other meals). Slice lengthways in half, then finely shred and wash well to remove any grit. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan. Add the leek and fry on a low heat for 8 minutes, stirring now and then to stop it catching.

DEAR MARY: Dried, raw peas are included in some wild-bird and chicken feed, so the peas themselves wouldn’t be harmful. They might not be too appetizing, however, and probably only the larger birds in your yard would be able to digest them.

He took a break when the family lived on a 44-foot sailboat for more than four years in the early 2000s, mostly in the Bellingham area.

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