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My favourite way to eat watermelon lately is in salad form. For those who have never tried this somewhat strange combination of watermelon, feta, mint, lime, olives and red onions before, I know you may be scared, but trust me, it all works together swimmingly. It’s savoury and refreshing, and very easy to toss together at the last minute for entertaining. So why is this salad so darn good? The sweetness of the melon is balanced by the salty, creamy feta cheese and briny olives. The red onion adds an obvious contrast, and it’s key to let the very thin slices mingle in the fresh lime juice for several minutes, as this will help cut some of its sharpness. And don’t hold back on the fresh mint — it really does tie all of the flavours together. If you’re like me and have a giant pot of mint just outside the door, you’re always looking for ways to use it. This is one! Don’t bother chopping the parsley though — those leaves can be left as is, or torn. Dress it with a nice, fruity extra virgin olive oil, and a good amount of fresh black pepper to finish. If I haven’t convinced you on the magic of these ingredients amalgamated together, and you’re not too keen on the onions and olives in this salad, it’s perfectly acceptable to omit them. You lose some of the complexity of flavours, but it’s still a gorgeous way to eat watermelon. This salad looks very pretty on a large platter, and tastes even better when a crowd of those you adore are gathered around. That’s what summer is about, right?

Geddes also won major bragging rights, as he currently owns the biggest pumpkin ever grown in North America.

It was not long before Moko wanted in on the pots-and-pans action. Ladurée had just opened inside Harrods, so she called them up and asked if she could come in as an unpaid apprentice on weekends. The couple soon found themselves wearing aprons until the wee hours, but Moko was reluctantly still in a suit while the sun shone. Convinced the only place to legitimately bake was Paris, in 2008, Moko quit law and the pair moved back to Omar’s hometown. (“Moko, you’re nuts!” her colleagues told her, and thus, the name of their future café was born.)

Wendy Ouriel, the founder of the organic beauty brand Oumere, developed her first product while studying black widow spiders.

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It has no seeds, of course. Do they even make watermelon with seeds anymore? I think we all have memories of being kids and sitting on picnic tables, having watermelon seed spitting contests. Now, the seeds are those small, pallid pips. The black watermelon seeds of our youth are now forgotten, like Sony Walkmans and phones with cords.

Here’s a festival that’ll put your belly grumbles to rest. SAACA, Local First Arizona and Tucson Botanical Gardens are hosting the sixth annual SAVOR Southern Arizona Food and Wine Festival…

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Then in 1995, Keerti Rathore, an Indian plant breeder with a PhD from the University of  London arrived at Texas A&M to pick up the mantle of edible cottonseed. 23 years later, he’s nearly there. Rathore’s team used RNA interference (RNAi) to silence a gene in the cotton plant to stop the plant from developing the glands that produce glossypol in the seeds, but not in the rest of the plant. In 2006 he filed and in 2011 was granted U.S. Patent #7,999,148: ‘Cotton plant with seed-specific reduction in gossypol’. The patent application characterizes the innovation in this way:.

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Authors of a review from 2013 noted that avocados also contain compounds like lutein and zeaxanthin, which help to protect the skin from both UV and visible radiation damage.

We’ve had hipster anti fine dining, ultra-posh fine dining, chef-scientist fine dining, pop-up fine dining, participatory fine dining, cozy fine dining and just about every possible take on the trappings surrounding creative, refined cuisine that might somehow separate the genre from its historical tropes.

Emily von Euw‘s Raw Chia Caramel Pecan Pie contains nuts, dates, and chia seeds which are all great for your hair.

Kylie Jenner has revealed that Stormi has her own private room at every performing venue, Metro reports. Watching this soon-to-be toddler bounce up and down, giggle and watch her daddy perform via TV screen is beyond cute.

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