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“I’ve talked to guys who have been in crop sciences for decades focusing on oats. They’ve met with Lucia and have had great discussions with her. They’re always impressed by her wide array of knowledge and are excited about the talent and value she is going to bring to the Wisconsin farmer,” Scott relates.

At Mokonuts in Paris, cabbage leaves are stuffed with lamb and herbs and and drizzled with lemony tahini sauce. Get the recipe for Lamb-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Green Tahini »

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As Muller slowly steered the tractor down the street, a grandchild in his lap, he waved, mostly hidden in a shadow, more cautious than jubilant.

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Save for 45.8 million followers — approximately 20,000 of whom he gains daily — LeBron James is just your regular Instagram user. Injured Tuesday night in his Los Angeles Lakers’ victory over the Golden State Warriors, James will likely IG all of his rehab. As the most followed American athlete, James posts pictures, clowns his friends in the comments, occasionally misspells a word and generally uses Instagram’s Stories medium as his own personal creative studio.

Bekka, Moonee Ponds: Batata Harra Stephanie Vigilante, contributor I’m not sure whether it’s the garlicky basting or the dust of smoked paprika on top that makes this dish so addictive. The Lebanese-style potatoes here are boiled until they’re soft, cut into cubes, fried until golden brown, then tossed in a marinade of crushed garlic, lemon juice, salt, chilli, smoked paprika and coriander. I suggest ordering two, one for yourself and one for the table.

With the financial support of the local potato growers, Scott was able to make it through those tough times.

A good meal has a way of becoming a treasured memory, whether it be the service, the setting, the company, or the food itself. So asking people about their best restaurant meal of 2018 was a question we knew would garner passionate responses. Plus, we asked some of the most celebrated chefs, writers, and TV hosts working in the culinary world today, so it was pretty much a lock that we would get detailed answers that spanned the globe and reached across the spectrum — from bar food to haute cuisine. We were not disappointed.

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The Crepe Shack by Mawa’s Kitchen, on the ice skating rink-side of the new D& E/Four Mountain Sports shop, was literally oozing visitors. When I stopped by, at least a dozen people were sardined into the space—befitting the "shack" moniker at just 295 square feet. A crew of five, including chef-owner Mawa McQueen herself, was busy building crepes still steaming from the hot griddles. McQueen says she served more than 600 crepes that day—no wonder the cooks were almost too worn out to tell me how it went when I returned a few days later.

One of the biggest problems they see in today’s varieties is lack of test weight. “For years there has been a large emphasis on creating varieties with a high yield, but not really on test weight. Without test weight, you don’t have a valuable oat,” Scott states.

But it’s hard to get too down about that when there’s an alternative like sunflower seed butter around. Creamy and with a mild flavor, this stuff is as easy to use as its nut-based counterparts, but even higher in healthy fats, magnesium, and vitamin E. If you aren’t acquainted yet, these 19 sunflower butter recipes (stretching from breakfast to dessert) will convince you that you need a jar in your kitchen, stat.

The seeds become infected by Aspergillus flavus or Aspergillus parasiticus, molds that produce aflatoxin. This contamination has been well studied in other crops, but there is little research published on sunflower seed contamination.

‘I needed to end my fast-fashion fix and get a grip. Here’s how I did it’ | Big Size Pumpkin Seeds Related Video:

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