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The researchers attribute this effect to monounsaturated fatty acids in the oil, as well as other compounds, such as squalene, which the authors suggest may protect against dryness and damage from free radicals.

Last year, Patrick’s entry was 785 pounds, and he had one pumpkin that weighed in at 1,020 pounds. This year’s is one pound heavier, setting a new record for Patrick.

With the financial support of the local potato growers, Scott was able to make it through those tough times.

But there were many others, spread throughout the festival that day, who feared the famous farmer had led the city down an uncertain path, demanding changes that couldn’t be undone and attempting to enrich himself in the process.

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“There are some wonderful databases out there, like at,” he said. “I can see the history — the bloodline, if you will — of giant pumpkins. And I can trace the genetics of their progeny.”

Add the kale to the same pan. Stir and cook on a medium heat for 3-4 mins, until it wilts down. There should be sufficient water on the washed leaves to help it along, but add a splash more if needed. Season to taste. 

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Dry pieces of pork tenderloin ($39) unceremoniously jumbled with corn, sweet peppers and avocado is a rare miss. But beef is well-represented in the form of a sizzling charred filet ($43) with roasted root vegetables, a restrained application of Hollandaise and paper-crisp carrot chips.

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Easily damaged by light frosts in the -2°C to 0°C range. The extent of damage will also be dependent on the duration of the frost, the thickness of the crop canopy and the amount of dew on the plants. A light frost of short duration on a heavy dew filled crop canopy may only penetrate 4 to 8 inches into the soybean canopy. This type of damage will kill the terminal flower bud and any young pods on the top two nodes, but pods from these flowers likely wouldn’t have matured anyway. Frosted leaves and stalks rapidly turn dark green to brown and will not recover. Beans in pods that are still green and soft will shrivel up and will go through the combine at harvest. Beans in pods that have turned yellow will mature normally. Some of the large green beans that make it into your sample will turn yellow after 30 to 40 days in storage.

Little-known fact: L’Hostaria sommelier Carlos Valenzuela and manager Fabrizio Brovelli have a passion for hunting and smoking Colorado game. Enjoy the bounty of their expeditions, prepared off-menu by chef Ruben Bonomi—craveworthy smoked salmon this week, too—to pair with impeccable imported Italian wines. Just ask. 620 E. Hyman Ave., 970-925-9022,

It doesn’t get much simpler than this when you wanna prepare a wholesome, easy, delicious recipe for yourself. In this Salad recipe by Emily von Euw, got oven-baked sweet potatoes, potatoes, eggplant and garlic paired with a spinach salad, all topped off with tomatoes, sunflower seeds and bell peppers.

If coconut oil is firm, place a tablespoon or two in the microwave for 10-30 seconds, until melted. Toss the seeds with coconut oil, adding a little bit at a time until the seeds are lightly coated. The more seeds you get from your watermelon, the more coconut oil you will need.

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