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A frost event anytime before physiological maturity (growth stage R-9) can cause damage. Greatest damage and susceptibility will occur when the sunflowers are in the bud and flowering stages, where temperatures of -2°C and -1°C can result in damaged buds and sterile sections or rings in the flowering head. After pollination and petal drop, sunflower can withstand temperatures as low as -4°C with only minor damage. Even though damage may be minor, yield, oil content, seed quality/test weight often are reduced when a sunflower’s experience a killing frost before the R-8 stage. A killing frost in sunflowers is considered to be -4°C to -5°C for 6 or more hours.

In terms of regional market segment, it will be divided into seven different regions of the world. These are North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific region, Japan, Middle East and Africa. In terms of production of organic oilseeds, United States and Brazil acquires majority of proportion in terms of production. On the other side countries such as Japan, China, Russia and countries of European Union are some of the major importers of organic oilseeds.

The record-breaking, cream-colored monstrosity checked in at a plump 2,528 pounds Thursday night, with the pumpkin resting on a pallet and the numbers registering on a digital readout. Geddes’s creation is the second heaviest pumpkin ever grown in the world, a mere 96 pounds less than the giant produced in Belgium in 2012.

Milois often used as a filler seed in cheaper seed mixes. The seed shell is too hard for most birds to crack. Wheat and oats are also common filler ingredients in cheap mixes. Read seed mix labels and avoid blends that contain cereal grains.

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Very finely shred quarter of the red cabbage. Wash, peel and coarsely grate the beetroot. Peel, halve and finely slice the red onion. Cut the apple into quarter’s, cut out the core, then thinly slice. Put the cabbage, onion, apple, allspice, bay leaf, sugar, vinegar and a scant grating of nutmeg into heavy-based pan, one with a lid.

3. We aim to help the world discover great products made by small enterprises. Products like clay water bottles, sustainable bamboo products, wallets from used tyres and so on.

Watermelons and their seeds have been part of the human diet since time immemorial. They originated from the Kalahari Desert and spread to the rest of the world. In the times of the Pharaohs of Egypt, watermelons were very popular for their nutritional benefits and ability to quench thirst. Their seeds were thought to have curative properties long before scientists began confirming the health benefits of watermelon seeds. Watermelons were also used in China in the 10th Century for their health benefits.

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This was our first time stopping/eating at the restaurant. I had a plate stacked with hot and sizzling braised bison ribs with a traditional wojapi sauce (Ojibwe word meaning “berry sauce”) and a bowl of green chile stew with tribal sourced hominy, potato, and New Mexico green chile. These two dishes reminded me of home as an indigenous chef, because I am familiar with all the ingredients. What was more recognizable were the authentic ingredients that speak volumes on ancestral memory and flavors of what real American cuisine is.

“Billions of people worldwide are exposed to aflatoxin in their diets, particularly in places where food is not monitored regularly for contaminants,” says Felicia Wu, study coauthor.

When the squash is cooked, gently reheat the lentils, if needed, and season to taste. Serve the lentils spooned into and over the squash, with the kale alongside, scattered with the garlic. 

Little-known fact: L’Hostaria sommelier Carlos Valenzuela and manager Fabrizio Brovelli have a passion for hunting and smoking Colorado game. Enjoy the bounty of their expeditions, prepared off-menu by chef Ruben Bonomi—craveworthy smoked salmon this week, too—to pair with impeccable imported Italian wines. Just ask. 620 E. Hyman Ave., 970-925-9022,

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