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While the supermarket may only have one or two varieties of the red seedless ones these days, seed catalogs and farmers’ markets offer dozens more.

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Noodleholics is affordable and appeals to both adventurous and casual eaters, making it an easy choice any time for anyone. Additionally, portions are generous. Lines can get long during peak hours, so visit at 2 p.m. or 5 p.m. for the swiftest noodle satisfaction. Though they offer takeout, noodle soups are best enjoyed fresh on site.

There are so many ways in which plant-based foods can maintain healthy hair, so we put together a list of 15 recipes from our Food Monster App for you to enjoy this winter.

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Divide the batter between the muffin cases, add the pine nuts, rosemary and parmesan, then bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes until risen and pale gold.

This 34 year-old is acing motherhood (and she gets full credit for that slightly hard-to-handle baby daddy). Still, OK! reports that the birth requirements for both Kylie and Khloe were pretty #Extra.

While many of the festive orange symbols of fall selected at local farm markets will end up as carved jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween, pumpkins also are a versatile and healthy “super food” that can be incorporated into a variety of dishes.

Millet. Several varieties of millet include white proso, red, golden, German and Japanese. All are eaten by a variety of ground-feeding sparrows, game birds, and waterfowl, but most backyard birds prefer white proso millet. One of millet’s best qualities is that its seed coat is hard enough to resist weathering, but not too hard for birds to crack.

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Setton International is dedicated to providing healthy and delicious snacks options for people on the go. In addition to their Premium Blend Line, Setton Farms produces Pistachio Chewy Bites, Dark Chocolate Covered Pistachios, Flavored Pistachios, and other nutritious snacks drawing on the consumers’ growing appetite for pistachio based products.

And, he adds, some people prefer the caramel flavor of the Sugar baby variety, while others like the straight watermelon flavor of Crimson sweets. So the definition of "sweet" is variable.

Such a hard question! It’s a toss-up between pork and kimchi dumplings at Han Oak here in Portland and crispy fried blowfish tail at Frenchette in NYC. I could seriously eat the dumplings every day and not get tired of them. Soft, and light, and perfectly balanced. But then there are the blowfish tails at a French restaurant in TriBeCa on the other side of the country. Not at all what I expected, but I’m not sure what I expected. I want to replace all future chicken wings in my life with these blowfish tails.

“There are some wonderful databases out there, like at,” he said. “I can see the history — the bloodline, if you will — of giant pumpkins. And I can trace the genetics of their progeny.”

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