Peak N.C. Watermelon Season Is Here. Learn to Pick Like a Pro and See What Local Restaurants Are Cooking. | Green Pumpkin Seeds Kernel

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As to the potential for the project, “It’ll taste like hummus,” Rathore said. “It’s not at all unpleasant.”

There are so many ways in which plant-based foods can maintain healthy hair, so we put together a list of 15 recipes from our Food Monster App for you to enjoy this winter.

Milowicki says they have plenty of pumpkins to choose from and other activities for kids, including cornhole in the pumpkin field and a corn sandbox that was a big hit.

For more than 30 years at Piñons, guests have craved signature Dover sole flown in fresh from across the pond. Unfortunately for slackers, the dining room is booked now past New Year’s Day. While bar seats are usually walk-in only, Piñons owner Rob Mobilian says he’ll take early bar table reservations until about 6 p.m. Come for the buttery, lemony sole or choose the $35 two-course bar menu, one of the great deals in town. 105 S. Mill St., 970-920-2021,

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"We expanded the recall because we cannot guarantee the quality of the affected products with absolute certainty, which is always our highest priority," said SunOpta president and CEO Rik Jacobs.

But if managed well, cottonseed meal and cotton residue can help cattle farmers put the full product of a cotton harvest to use profitably. Cottonseed hulls have about 17 percent less protein than soybean hulls, but soybeans hulls cost about 25 percent more.

James was bound to slip up. And accountability on such a complex issue falls on both James and a media tasked with documenting his story even as he scribes his own. When he quoted lyrics on his Instagram centering on “Jewish money,” it was arguably the first true cultural miscalculation of his career. (Especially as, in retrospect, “The Decision” was not only a massive disruption but also an undeniable charitable and humanitarian grand slam.)

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Then came local Hispanic leaders, worried that cannabis would lead to raids from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement because the federal government still considers it illegal. The local Catholic Church and public school leaders wanted the measure blocked, too, saying it would erode the community in a way that can’t be easily reversed. People were holding up signs. The backlash had begun.

“Filter?” Moko asks, motioning to the drip-coffee machine—a rarity in the city’s classic sidewalk cafés. Typically, she will have the coffee brewed before I get there, but because it’s still early, she flips the switch as soon as I give her the go-ahead. My stomach is growling, too, but a lack of urgency is perhaps the place’s only typically Parisian element—one I remember every time I come in under-caffeinated or very hungry. While it’s usually quiet this early on a weekday—there are generally a few people parked behind a laptop, a business meeting or two taking place, and, increasingly, a table of tourists photographing their egg on a sourdough waffle—today, Moko is furiously frothing noisettes and mixing batter, while Omar is preparing his mise en place. I feel bad about interrupting them, but I eye someone eating what looks like a bowl of granola with yogurt and point it out to Moko across the room.

These 4-Ingredient No-Bake Banana Bread Bars by Michele Elizabeth are a no-hassle, quick, healthy snack. They are packed with fiber from the oats, flavor from the cinnamon and bananas, and a sticky, rich, goodness from the dates. These bars are so good that you’ll be hard-pressed to share.

A robotic stacking arm, named “Lester,” stacks seed oats onto pallet at Schumitsch Seed Inc. (Photo: Courtesy of Travis Dewitz)

Peak N.C. Watermelon Season Is Here. Learn to Pick Like a Pro and See What Local Restaurants Are Cooking. | Green Pumpkin Seeds Kernel Related Video:

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