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Recommended dishes: Bison tartare; black bean soup; venison au poivre; black cod; Nantucket bay scallops; butterscotch tapioca pudding.

The diva part? "White and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses, peonies– ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS," The Smoking Gun reports. Yes, it actually came in caps. Other demands included a coffee table in “perspex modern style" and a refrigerator with a glass door.

If coconut oil is firm, place a tablespoon or two in the microwave for 10-30 seconds, until melted. Toss the seeds with coconut oil, adding a little bit at a time until the seeds are lightly coated. The more seeds you get from your watermelon, the more coconut oil you will need.

He took a break when the family lived on a 44-foot sailboat for more than four years in the early 2000s, mostly in the Bellingham area.

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Roast plain sunflower seeds  on a cookie sheet in a 300 degreeFahrenheit oven for 15 to 25 minutes. If you like salted seeds, soak them overnight in a brine of two quarts of water to 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salt. The next morning, boil the seed brine with the seeds for a few minutes and drain. Spread the seeds on a cookie sheet and roast in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven for three hours or until crisp. If roasted long enough, they are easy to shell. If preferred, you can baste them with just a little butter while they are roasting. Stir or shake occasionally so they roast evenly.

High in magnesium and antioxidants and known to improve bladder health while reducing the risk of certain cancers, pumpkin seeds can be a great addition to your diet. You can simply chew on them raw, but if you’re not a fan of that, add them to your soups, yoghurt or salad. Not only will they add texture to the food, but you can also trick yourself into consuming a high-nutrient meal. The best (and yummiest) option is to add pumpkin seeds to your cake batter, just before you bake it!

Flax seeds or linseeds belong to the family of linaceae, and the textile made from flax is popularly known as linen. They are a store house of omega 3 fatty acids. Crushing the flax seeds a bit will make it easy to digest. It can increase the level of good cholesterol called HDL and reduce bad cholesterol called LDL. Cancer, blood pressure, and heart ailments can be effectively prevented by including flax seeds in the daily diet.

This sandwich-inspired breakfast takes the classic PB&J flavors into 2018, swapping out the peanut butter for its allergy-friendly cousin. With a parfait-like layering of the seed butter chia pudding and cooked raspberries, it might be your new favorite way to enjoy a classic combo.

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Watermelon seeds will enhance your immune system. Immunity is the body’s ability to resist infection. This is important for everyone because if your body does not combat infections, you will get sick every now and then. This will, of course, affect your productivity and even your ability to enjoy life in general. Boosting your natural immunity is crucial as you are less likely to get sick especially during the cold season. Watermelon seeds are, therefore, an ideal option as they are a natural source of Magnesium. Magnesium is very good for boosting the body’s immunity.

Turn the heat up and fry for 2-3 minutes until the garlic and chestnuts are golden brown and the sage leaves have crisped up. Add a good squeeze of lemon juice. Take the pan off the heat. Drain the pasta and remove the squash from the oven. Add them to the pan of chestnuts and return it to the heat. Season with freshly ground pepper and throw everything together for about 1 minute.

“No-melt Peanut Butter Suet” ingredients: One cup crunchy peanut butter, two cups “quick cook” oats, two cups cornmeal, one cup lard (no substitutes here), one cup white flour, and one-third cup sugar. Melt lard and peanut butter over low heat, then stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into square freezer containers about an inch-and-a-half thick. Chill in the freezer for about 20 minutes, then cut to size, separate blocks with wax paper, and store in freezer.

DEAR JOAN: We have a lot of crows hanging around our yard. They chase away other birds from the feeders and have even dive-bombed us when we go out to refill them.

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