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Carrots are a food that you might always have in your fridge, so this Curried Carrots With Pistachios recipe by Wendy Irene is quite convenient. Plus with this dish you get the added health benefits of spices, nuts and herbs.

The pink drink is mixed with little black candy pieces that take the place of watermelon seeds. Only with these, drinkers won’t want to spit them out. Rounding out the watermelon theme, there’s a big green straw like a rind.

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“I met with the potato growers at the time, telling them my situation and how I was going to call it quits, but they basically told me that they weren’t going to let me quit and would pull me through,” he says.

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I don’t know about you, but it’s always a guessing game when I pick one up. Sure, I check that’s it feels heavy and has that telltale yellow spot which is supposed to ensure ripeness but, honestly, when it comes to watermelon, you get what you get. I cross my fingers and leave it up to chance.

Fill a medium-size bowl with water, and add salt until water is heavily salted. Place seeds in the bowl, and let sit for 1-2 hours.

On Nov. 6, residents of this small, coastal city will vote on whether Muller, 72, can use a section of his 21-acre farm to grow thousands of young marijuana plants.

But word spread fast, and the council meeting was packed. Two children were the first to speak, reading statements about how the ordinance could lead more kids to become hooked on drugs.

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A growing list of local leaders and prominent residents began urging voters to oppose cannabis farming, even if it meant the end of Farmer John.

Lesa, CBD: Leeks, sunflower seeds, fermented goat’s milk Nick Connellan, publications director At times, Dave Verheul seems more like an alchemist than a chef. His outrageously good entree of potato flatbread, shiitake oil and macadamia cream – which I sadly lost the bidding war to write about – is the best example of this, but his leeks aren’t far behind. They’re smoked for two solid hours until they take on a surprisingly meaty flavour, then paired with slow-cooked sunflower seeds and four-week-old fermented goat’s milk. The resulting flavours (complex, musty, intensely savoury) brought me close to tears – something no food has ever done before.

Alternative medicine has revealed that ginger, honey, and hibiscus flower essence, when combined, is an old folk remedy that’s been handed down from generation to generations.

The family’s flower business relied on the San Francisco market, and they lost roughly 25 percent of their customers by the mid-1990s because of the AIDS crisis. California flower growers were also becoming crowded out by foreign competition.

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