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Using a 5-foot tape, Gary Baldwin measures his pumpkin that he estimates weighs about 1,000 pounds in the yard of his Everett home on Sept. 11. (Andy Bronson / The Herald)

I have seen how rats just gnaw through anything they want to get access to, and as I saw no droppings, I figure it must have been a squirrel that got into the garage. But how did it know to pull the string? That is absolutely amazing to me. Comment please.

“It was important to learn day-to-day operations and the ins and outs of running the machinery in the mill,” he explains.

Grinding fresh flaxseeds into a smoothie or onto a salad can be a simple way to add more omega-3 fats to the diet and keep the skin looking healthful.

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In order to further uptake of the nut, JatroSolutions offers technical assistance to companies wanting to farm or manufacture the nut.

Authors of a study from 2016 found "considerable evidence" that omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of non-melanoma skin cancers, especially in people who have the highest risks.

In late April, he heated some soil and planted the pumpkin outside in a little tent that eventually became a bigger canopy as it grew, to keep it from getting wet. Jeff put a fence around the pumpkin to keep out small animals.

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Opening a vegan burger joint sounds like an ambitious goal — and a difficult one at that. Frankly, many veggie patties don’t taste good. Furthermore, even well-known establishments don’t get fries right *cough* In-N-Out *cough*.

Paonia When Monica Wiitanen and her husband, Wayne, bought their 10.5-acre Paonia farm in 1997, there was one thing missing: the ability to “turn excess produce into other things and sell them, as farmers have always traditionally done,” she says. When Wiitanen, who’s 72, learned about other states passing cottage food laws, she was inspired to take up the cause in Colorado. She proceeded to drop off her own sourdough loaves—along with calls for change—to then state legislator Gail Schwartz, who eventually helped champion the Centennial State’s own Cottage Foods Act (CFA) legislation, which passed in 2012. As a CFA pioneer, it’s only fitting that Wiitanen now runs a thriving home baking operation. She and her staff make more than 100 loaves of bread, as well as cinnamon rolls, buns, and pita rounds, in her outdoor wood-fired oven every week, often using San Luis Valley wheat Wiitanen mills herself. While the supplemental cash flow is nice, Wiitanen is even happier that Colorado’s CFA—“one of the best in the country,” due to higher earning limits and a relatively long list of eligible products—has allowed others in Delta County, in particular, to make their farms more financially viable. “With our short irrigation season,” she says, “it’s helpful for farmers to be able to do this year-round.”How To Buy: Visit the Bakery at Small Potatoes Farm on Fridays from 3 to 6 p.m., Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; loaves start at $6. 40575 O Road, Paonia, 970-527-4051

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However, this treatment should be discouraged if the user has a history of kidney stones or if he’s diabetic.

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